Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program Working To Reduce Homelessness caused by evictions Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program Working to 2,500+ Preventable Evictions In Pinellas County

CLP's Eviction Diversion

The Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program (“PEDP”) is a recently launched initiative of the Community Law Program designed to assist qualified tenants and landlords who were financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing mediation, facilitate access to rental assistance, and referrals of tenants for housing navigation services and/or for other basic needs designed to help prevent homelessness. While most communities have largely recovered from the serious health and financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for the services provided by this project still persist.

Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program

A service of Community Law Program, this initiative also provides legal advice to qualified individuals, assistance in applying for financial resources, and referrals to partner organizations for additional assistance.


Eviction Diversion for Hillsborough County Tenants and their Landlords:

Tenants and Landlords Agree

Eviction Diversion Benefits Everyone

Our Mission

PEDP combats homelessness caused by eviction through engaging in collaborative and innovative programming and services to benefit both tenants and landlords.

Our Vision

A community where unplanned, unforeseen financial hardship causes the least disruption to housing stability and neighborhood preservation.

Pinellas Eviction Diversion Program

Tenants and Landlords

Program Eligibility

Eviction Diversion Mediation is open to Tenants and Landlords currently involved in a court case as well as prior to either party filing with the Court. For Tenants, the qualifications are:

  • Must have been economically impacted by COVID-19.
  • Must have a combined household income at or below 200% of federal poverty.
  • Must be a Pinellas County resident.

For Landlords, your tenant must meet the criteria stated above. See “Services” for more info.

Not eligible? Please check out our Collaborating Partners Section.

We Can Help


Helping Tenants and Landlords avoid evictions related to COVID-19.

Avoid Eviction During This Time.

If you are having trouble paying your rent or are not sure how to catch up, we can help with mediation between tenants and landlords or provide guidance on rental assistance programs.

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