Landlord Tenant Mediation Program for


One of the lessons we learned within the nearly 3 years since launching PEDP is that seniors are often most vulnerable to eviction. The various emergency rental assistance programs that were in place for months during the height of the pandemic often did not help seniors, because they did not have a financial impact due to COVID-19 since they continued to receive their Social Security benefits.

Nonetheless, even with the 8.7% increase in Social Security at the beginning of the year, many still struggle to pay their rent. In addition, with the incredible shortage of affordable housing in Pinellas County, seniors are often last in line to receive vouchers.

For these reasons, CLP’s PEDP is launching a special project for Pinellas County Seniors called the Landlord Tenant Mediation Program for Seniors (LTMPS). 

Who Does LTMPS Help?

  • Seniors who have received notice from their landlords of a rental increase that they cannot afford to pay OR
  • Seniors who are having repair issues in their rentals

What Does LTMPS Offer?

  • Free Voluntary Mediation Services
  • Possible Rental Assistance of up to $1,000

Who is Eligible for LTMPS’ Services?

  • Must be a Pinellas County resident
  • Must be 55 years or older and named on the lease
  • Household income must be at or below 200% of federal poverty
  • Cannot have an active eviction case

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